For Bookkeepers: Start and grow your bookkeeping business

Hello fellow bookkeepers!

If you have read my book, then I hope that you are well on your way to starting your bookkeeping business. If you have not yet looked at my book, I hope that this site will inspire you to invest in it.

This site is an extension of my book, Jumpstart Your Bookkeeping Business. Here, you will find articles and resources to help you start and build your bookkeeping business. You will also notice that I have created a whole section of the site just for small business owners. The information in that area of the site is meant to educate and persuade these entrepreneurs in how important and valuable the services of an independent bookkeeper are and how they are crucial to business success.

Bookkeeping provides the financial information that is the life-blood of business. You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t have a map and a plan to get there. Bookkeeping gives you the information to guide you to success.

For those who have the skills and desire, creating a bookkeeping service business can be both lucrative and personally satisfying, allowing you to work from home and manage your schedule around your family obligations.

Why do businesses need bookkeeping?

  • To know if they’re making a profit.
  • To verify or debunk what they think is happening in their business..
  • To make day-to-day decisions that affect the business.
  • To get loans and investment capital.
  • To pay what they owe in taxes, no more, no less.

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