For Business Owners: How to start/own your own business

This Is How The Middle Class Will Survive In The Future

Are you thinking about starting a business? Maybe you’ve been working on a business idea but things aren’t moving along as you’d hoped they would.

I want to help. I am a business owner myself and I believe deeply that small business ownership is at the heart of our American Dream. But entrepreneurship is even more important now.

The middle class is under siege as never before. Between outsourcing jobs overseas and the growth of computer technology and robotics, jobs have disappeared by the thousands. And they may never return.

In a Spring 2011 article for Democracy Journal titled, “Growth and the Middle Class,” David Madland outlined the relationship between the middle class and business growth in the U.S.

Madland reported, “A Kauffman Foundation report finds that 72 percent of entrepreneurs come from middle-class backgrounds—a vast over-representation given that only 44 percent of the public meet their measure of middle class. In short, a healthy middle class is a necessary precondition for the propagation of a healthy capitalism.”

Starting a business isn’t enough. Part of what you must do is to track your revenues and expenses so that you can use this valuable data to learn about the health of your business.

For that reason you will find that this site contains a lot of information related to bookkeeping and those who are independent bookkeepers.

I hope that the articles on entrepreneurship will be of value to you. And I hope that you take the time to explore the bookkeeping information that is here too.

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