Jumpstart Your Bookkeeping Business

Why you should order Jumpstart You Bookkeeping Business

Do you love bookkeeping but hate your bookkeeping job?

Claire Moore, author of Jumpstart Your Bookkeeping Business

I know how that feels. In 1981 I was working as a bookkeeper/office manager for a law firm in San Francisco and longing for something better in my life.

You may be in a similar situation. You work long and hard but never seem to get the money and recognition you deserve. Or maybe you have children and you want to be able to call the shots about how you spend your time. You might be a retired professional with financial experience and realize that despite your best efforts, the economy has made your retirement plan irrelevant and you have to start bringing in more money. Self employment may be on your horizon because you or someone you love has health problems that make a regular work routine difficult to maintain.

Whatever your situation, this book was written for you

I know what it’s like to want to make a life change but feel frustrated about how to begin. It’s hard, I know, to try to break the mold. You have a job, a family, a life, and now you want to start a business too. How do you do it and where do you find the time?

Sometimes the hardest part of accomplishing something is just getting your momentum going and finding your direction. I want to help you get you from that state of frustration to one of confident accomplishment. Let me take you step by step through the process of creating your bookkeeping business from concept to client.

I assume that you already know how to do bookkeeping and use accounting software. Now you want to be successful in your own bookkeeping business. If you’re going to be successful at anything you have to have a plan. This book will help you get your business started by walking you through the steps of setting up your business and creating your plan.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn
• The insider’s secret to commanding top dollar from your clients.
• How to get a pro to mentor you – without paying high fees.
• How to sell yourself – and enjoy the process.
• How to create a business plan that’s a blueprint for freelance success and wealth.
• How to get paid what you’re worth – without apologies.
• The one thing you should never discuss in a client interview and how it can increase your profits.
• Tips for making your business look like an established firm even if your office is in your back bedroom.

book cover

by Claire Anne Moore, M.B.A.

“I read ‘Jumpstart Your Bookkeeping Business,’ a week or two ago. What I loved about your book is that it’s not complicated, very to the point and just makes sense. It really motivated me. So you deserve the credit for the work I’ve brought in recently or I’d still be in bed with the covers over my head. Thank You! ”

Cherie Hepburn, Independent Bookkeeper, Monterey, CA

Are you worried about your financial future? Of course you are. Every day you see the unemployment lines grow longer. You wonder if you’ll be the next addition to the line. Instead of depending on your boss for your living you’d like to have more choice and control. You dream of starting your own business. You’ll be able to call the shots and keep the profits.

But what business can you start up with little money and run either full or part time? If you have the talent and inclination to run a bookkeeping business, this book is for you. It will inspire you to create your own bookkeeping-related income stream whether you keep your “day job” or not.

As a professional bookkeeper you have the opportunity to enrich yourself and to provide a much needed service to your fellow business owners. The American dream may sometimes seem elusive, but it is still within reach for those who persevere.

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What People Are Saying About Jumpstart Your Bookkeeping Business

“What a great book to assist individuals wanting to start their own bookkeeping business! With the resources, processes and support that are included in the book, anyone aspiring to be a bookkeeper, whether they are virtual or not, will gain a lot of knowledge and support. I also like how the book stresses how to get started in business without going in debt or spending a lot. This book is very well written and I would highly recommend it. Thanks Claire!”
Candy Beauchamp, Certified Virtual Assistant, CRESS, EthicsChecked
Austin, Texas

“The decision to start your own bookkeeping business is a rewarding but complex journey. It takes a lot of work and patience to make it successful. This book is a great guide to working through those steps to get yourself on that road to success.”
Lanel Taylor, Lead Bookkeeper
Taylored Office Solutions, Inc.

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Get Your Business Started Within the Next Month—Let Me Show You How

I will show you how to research the licenses, certifications and supplies that you need. I will tell you how to develop your first clients easily by using knowledge and contacts that you already have, how to price your services and craft a contract that will build your image as a professional and ensure that you get paid what you’re really worth.

Even if you have a job and a family, you can start your bookkeeping business. You don’t need a lot of money, a big office or a fancy degree.

I will show you how to start today, with the resources you already have, and build your business foundation so strong that your business will become as large as you want it to be.

I learned a lot by trial and error when I built my business, but you don’t have to!
I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. If you follow the steps in my book, you can have your business started within the next month.

Let’s Do This Together

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own freelance bookkeeping business, now is the perfect time to get started. Thousands of small businesses owners are looking to freelancers as an efficient and economical alternative to hiring and managing an in-house bookkeeper. The opportunity for success has never been greater and the sooner you start, the sooner you can realize your goals of the freedom and financial success.

To your new life,

Claire Moore

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