Retired? Think about working part-time

January 8th, 2011 BY Claire Moore

relaxed-148083_640Even though you’re retired, you may be thinking about going back to work. For some, retirement isn’t as much fun as they thought it would be. After all, you can’t golf all the time. Then there’s the income. With stock values as unpredictable as a lightning strike, you may find that you need to shore up your monthly pension payment.

Working gives us a sense of worth and accomplishment. We feel that we are making a valuable contribution. Getting out among people and interacting with people of different ages can be a great way to stay involved and engaged.

If you’re considering going back to work you’re not alone. It’s predicted that by 2015, the number of workers age 55 and older will be about 30 million, or 20 percent of the workforce. With so many older workers, it will be interesting to see if management can adjust to workers who will very likely expect more flexibility in scheduling.

What kind of work can you do part-time in retirement? In October, AARP online posted an article with several suggestions including: librarian assistant, medical assistant and bookkeeper. Indeed, if you have a background in bookkeeping or accounting, you should be able to either work part-time or even start your own home-based bookkeeping business. At this point in your life, being your own boss may have lots of appeal.

Bookkeeping can be an ideal business for a retiree or anyone else who thrives on being able to work from home and choose their own hours. You can even learn how to work over the internet thus limiting the number of trips you have to make to see clients in person.

For more information and assistance on starting your home-based bookkeeping business consider buying my book on the subject, Jumpstart Your Bookkeeping Business.

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